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On-site, thermal, mountain/seaside flying. With enhanced durability and greater precision than the LEAF, flying our LEAF 2 glider will quickly become second nature.

Following the first leaf’s footsteps, the leaf2 is a “real” en-b.

Permissive and giving predictable feedback, you will trust this glider from the get-go!

LEAF 2 – Designer Comments

For our R&D team, high quality finishes, ergonomic design and user-friendliness were keywords throughout the development process.

Thanks to feedbacks from resellers, pilots and instructors, we had great insights that helped us develop a glider with more easy-going take-off characteristics compared to the first generation LEAF. The inflation is gradual with great steadiness and stability. Handling is firm & progressive while passive safety has been optimised.

The LEAF 2 is fairly easy to handle, from the slight pitch when entering a thermal to the optimal roll angle when turning, you will master your LEAF 2 in no less than a day ! Ceiling, thermals, speed range, you comprehended and grasped every part and are now ready for the next flight : even higher and further.


“Usually flying under EN-D gliders, I was not expecting such perforamnce from the LEAF 2. I experienced several enjoyable flights in vernal weather conditions. I would describe the LEAF 2 as easy-to-use, efficient, safe and very pleasant. During take-off, the glider inflates gradually and uniformly. The simplified line layout reduces the probability of cravattes. Flying the LEAF2 becomes very instinctive and the glider responds very well and with great precision. The large brake travel allows greater room for manoeuvre before flyiing out of the take-off site. In my opinion, it is a significant advantage that allows pilots to land back on the take-off site at low-speed or control the glider in turbulent situations for example.”


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