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All the precision and comfort of the LEAF 2 in a compact and lighter format.

Mountain flying, hike & fly or thermal flying on your favourite site

The leaf 2 light is ideal for the pilot who needs a single glider he/she will know off pat.

LEAF 2 LIGHT – Designer Comments

Light … and durable ! As a pioneer in paragliding light gear, SUPAIR put all its knowledge and experience in developing this Leaf 2 Light. Targeting pilots who want to own a “go-to” glider, we chose fabrics with the greatest sturdiness/weight ratio.

The use of Porcher Sport Skytex 27 (simple and double coated) allowed to reduce the weigh by 25% (compared to the standard version) without impacting the glider longevity. There is no lightness/durability debate anymore !

Untangling becomes untroublesome thanks to a simplified line layout and inflating the glider is smooth and gradual.

In flying conditions, you will find what made our LEAF 2 a success : instinctive handling and steay behaviour in thermals. Effortless and intuitive flying awaits ! So much so that you will put all resources in adapting your flight plan or contemplating the landscape.


“The LEAF 2 LIGHT is in our opinion a true “pocket tool”. Easy, fun, compact, light, performant… This glider will follow you no matter the activity (on-site, thermal flying, etc.). If you have already flown a LEAF 2, you will love the LEAF 2 Light’s flying behaviour : easier handling, playful and more precise feedback. An optimised and cleaner line layout allows less drag and better performance. The LEAF 2 LIGHT is slightly heavier than the LEAF LIGHT due to choices we made regarding the fabric. The extrados fabric is a double coated Skytex 27gr from Porcher Sport that gives this glider better durability characteristics.”


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