Skywalk – Spice 2

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Tailor-made for explorers!

The best balance of performance and weight in the sport class.

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Sport class meets ultralight.

The SPICE2 is pre-destined for performance-seeking cross-country hunters who like to optimize their XC gear down to the smallest detail in weight and packing size. At 3.3 to 3.8 kilograms, the four sizes of the XC sportster are record-breakingly light, and the latest innovations allow you to easily access its enormous performance potential. The SPICE2 feels solid in the air and can be flown very efficiently on bar via the SPEED CONTROL, making it one of the most powerful gliders in its class.

The wing is perfectly adapted to the needs of XC pilots who like to explore new terrain. The SPICE’s healthy balance gives you the confidence to solve tricky cross-country and bivouac flying situations at any time.

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