Skywalk – Rucksack ALPINE 150


With its robust construction and many intelligent features, such as a magnetic buckle on the hip belt, the ALPINE swallows everything that pilots have on a flight day.

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Everything. Together. Always.

The robust ALPINE rucksack swallows everything you have with you on a flying day. The new carrying system and the ergonomic hip belt ensure optimum load distribution and maximum carrying comfort. Numerous intelligent features increase its user-friendliness.

Top pocket

The top pocket is accessible from the outside

Elastic side pockets

Two elastic side pockets provide ample space for items that need to be reached while walking, such as water bottles and snacks

Hip belt

The ergonomic hip belt provides ideal load distribution and can also be removed to reduce pack size. Two hip pockets provide space for smaller items such as keys, smartphone, etc.

Carrying system

The carrying system keeps the ALPINE pack close to the body and increases carrying comfort

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