Skywalk – Cayenne 5

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Redefining the sport class.

Fly the difference.

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Modern EN-B gliders like our CHILI and TEQUILA leave little to be desired. But the EN-C sport class offers us just the right amount of freedom to develop gliders with special characteristics for experienced XC pilots looking for more than just incremental improvements.

The CAYENNE5 redefines the sport class: our XC sportster combines true comp wing feeling with the genes of the CAYENNE series. We intentionally made the CAYENNE5 more of a comp wing than its predecessor. Positioned at the upper end of its class, our year-long development efforts produced a new concept with a higher aspect ratio, more cells and a profile optimized to reduce drag. The result is a sport class glider that sets new standards for performance, precision and dynamics. In the process, we remained true to our motto: pure passion for flying.

The CAYENNE5 is pure flying fun!

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Dark Green, Orange, White