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Around 4.5 years ago we introduced a funny striped A class wing that cost as much as a High B glider. We then also communicated that this wing offers high B performance!
-many competitors laughed at us at the beginning, but now they begin to understand:

Not only have we created a new class with the SYMPHONIA and finally established the A class as the “standard class”. “Super High A” is now in fashion! Thanks to this unique wing and its children, we have also established ourselves on the market in a very short time.
-and no one is surprised any more that there are more and more funny striped wings around!
Thank you, SYMPHONIA!

Now it’s time to top it up!
-and it will be even more colourful!

Please welcome the SYMPHONIA 2!


  • The SYMPHONIA 2 combines the unique properties of the SYMPHONIA with some new know how.
  • The leading edge is more stable, a new intake makes launching much easier.
  • The mini ribs and new rods in the nose improve performance.
  • The sail cut has been revised.
  • Line material and line geometry are new.
  • The weight has been noticeably reduced.

Summing all up, the SYMPHONIA 2 performs even better than its predecessor and is easier to use.

  • The center wing is more stable, which improves handling and safety!
  • Precision and efficiency of the handling is reaching a new level.
  • Glide on speed is even more outstanding.


The SYMPHONIA project has always been a very special engagement for me. It was and still is the establishing of a new standard: the A class as the standard class. Everything above is unnecessary luxury. The SYMPHONIA is a high performance wing with A class safety. You hardly need more. The SYMPHONIA 2 rises the margin to an even higher performance / safety level.
This is paragliding as it was meant to be: a high level of performance and a very high safety: being able to be used, controlled and enjoyed by everyone.

– Hannes Papesh –


Glider, Harmonica concertina packing bag, repair material.

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