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It’s performant, it’s precise, it’s extreme reliable and super light! The BEAT light is the perfect wing for a very wide target group.

The BEAT light is based on the BEAT: so 56 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 5.3. The BEAT light lines up between TENOR light and MAESTRO X-alps.
Technically it is a somewhat slimmed down MAESTRO X-alps with a few pinches of ALLEGRO (3 main lines), a little FANTASIA (intake) and of course SYMPHONIA (being extremely well balanced).

Even used light clothes, the BEAT light is very form stable and precise: “carving the sky”, was one of the feedbacks. Like the BEAT, the BEAT light is mainly using covered lines. This is following the request of pilots who wanted more robust sheathed TECHNORA on brakes and stabilo.

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Blue/Black, Lime/Black, Orange/Black