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ERGO 2019 (set)

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The Niviuk Ergo is the essential accessory to make your flights a more comfortable experience. Installing these new handles allows a firmer grip, more efficient and smooth piloting and total control when thermalling. Enjoy the better feeling and the complete connection between wing and pilot.

The Ergo has a unique ergonomic design that adapts and responds to the pilot’s inputs. It provides the right support for the hand and wrist and that translates into better posture and comfort during the flight. Manufactured from comfortable and durable materials, it permits more immediate feedback and input so that the wing receives and transmits information in a more direct and precise way.

Risers and brakes installation

The Ergo can be installed on the rear risers and used for steering. This allows more precise control without having to use the brakes, which is aerodynamically advantageous. The piloting is more subtle and the glide of the wing is not adversely affected at any time. The incorporation of the Ergo onto our slim risers (12 mm) offers instant results in terms of performance, comfort and efficiency for thermalling. It is also possible to install the Ergo on the brake handle in order to reduce the effort of pulling the brake on long flights and to ensure the pressure is applied in an ergonomic manner. Fatigued hands and wrists are an unhelpful contributor to a loss of concentration and a distraction to the ability to react and fly correctly.

2 Ergo units per Set.

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